My husband and I, having completed Advanced Clairvoyant Training, and building on tools for healing, reading, and counseling, set upon a quest to confer with others of a like mind to further spiritual awareness.  In addition, Misty also has a first degree in the Reiki method of natural healing. She was told that her present life mission is "save the earth" by couple of psychic people and she knew that. One channeler told  her that she will open the shambhala route. 


Misty's Energy Healing Space has locations in San Diego and Los Angeles. San Diego one is on the intersection of 4 lay lines. Misty is our cat's name and I borrow her name as a handle name on Internet. Actually, Misty is a really psychic cat. :)

A few words about us

Misty & Yuena's  Energy Healing Space

ミスティと優名の エネルギーヒーリングスペース





Misty's Energy Healing Space は、サンディエゴとロサンジェルス(トーランス)でサービスを行います。サンディエゴの場所は、4本のレイラインの交差点の上に位置しており、ヒーリングには最適です。実は、「ミスティ」とは私たちの愛猫の名前で、私がインターネット上でのハンドル名に拝借しています。本物のミスティはとてもサイキックな猫なんですよ! (^-^)/

Help more people to be awaken, and start spiritual activity. Misty believes that this will help to "save the world" equals "Save the earth" .